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About Us

The World of Love Festival is an umbrella event for diverse communities to share their cultures, traditions, languages, food, and businesses, and a celebration of humanity. We believe that the more you have a chance to learn about others, the better you can understand them.

It all started back in March 2019, when 800 people from 18 diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds came to our event to celebrate and share languages and cultures.

This was followed by another event in September, with members of 25 diverse communities joining the World of Love Festival to sing, dance, share international food and run children’s games and activities from around the world.

Our next event was planned for June 2020. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our plans and we had to move our festival to 2021. This time, for two days: 28th and 29th August at Kings Park in Bournemouth we will be enjoying and celebrating the diversity of the world. We look forward to seeing you there!