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At World of Love Festival, our mission is to create a meaningful impact in people’s lives by spreading positivity and happiness within our community. We strive to enhance mutual understanding and contribute to the mental well-being of both children and adults. Our event offers a unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures from around the world right on your doorstep.

Through active engagement with members of various communities, we are dedicated to building bridges and fostering relationships irrespective of cultural backgrounds. As a supporter of the World of Love Festival, you have the chance to connect directly with members of ethnic minority communities before, during, and after our event.

Your brand can enjoy prominent visibility online across World of Love’s social media channels and on our expansive LED screen during the event. By partnering with us, you play a crucial role in shaping a future where people can truly understand and appreciate one another in our ever-diversifying world.

Join us in making a positive impact and embracing the richness of global cultures.

Bigger Celebration with Global Community

Welcome to the World of Love Festival, the premier multicultural event in Dorset!

As the UK’s exclusive umbrella event, we provide a unique platform for communities with diverse heritage backgrounds to showcase their authentic cultural events on a single day and at a central location, all under our dedicated festival support.

Engage with us as we actively embrace and celebrate different cultures and languages at the same time.

To enhance the richness of our event, we bring to the mix singers, dancers, painters, poets, craftspeople, sports enthusiasts, business leaders, volunteers, and more from an even wider range of heritage backgrounds. And then, we top it all off with an array of international cuisines.

Join us in our vibrant celebration of diversity, unity, and cultural richness. Experience the World of Love Festival – where communities come together to share, celebrate, and make lasting memories. Discover the beauty of a diverse world in one unforgettable event!

We are here to help you connect with others. Please let us know how we can help you.

For partnership enquiries please message us at
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Testimonials What Our Partners Say

World of Love Festival is a place where we can come together. It reminds us a better end of what it means to be human when we can just hang and share hearts wherever we are and wherever our roots extend. Here is where we find ourselves and where we can share joy, share food, share music, and share our hopes.

Timo Peach
Music Artist