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The World on your Doorstep

3-4th August 2024

A vibrant weekend filled with a kaleidoscope of international wonders, all taking place in one venue! Join us at our extraordinary event where cultures unite, languages harmonise, and traditions flourish. Be part of something truly special!

Bolivian dancers

ūüĆŹ What Makes World of Love Festival Special? ūüĆŹ¬†

Picture this: a vibrant weekend filled with a kaleidoscope of international experiences, all taking place in one venue and on the same weekend! Join us at our unique event, where cultures, languages, and traditions come together. Be part of something truly special and create unforgettable memories!

Indulge your tastes with international cuisines, embrace the rhythm of diverse arts, and immerse yourself in the activities for all ages. From captivating performances to interactive workshops, there’s something for everyone at our unforgettable family festival.

Explore the World on your Doorstep!

Polish  *  Thai  *  Filipino  *  Latin  *  Russian speaking  *  Indian  *  African-Caribbean  *  Nigerian  *  Ukrainian  *  Chinese  *  Slovakian  *  South-African  *  Japanese  *  Bulgarian  *  Spanish  *  And Many More!

ūü§Ě Community-Crafted Experiences ūü§Ě

Local communities from varied backgrounds are the architects of their own cultural events within our event, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience. But we don’t stop there! We’ve also invited talents from different parts of the world, including singers, dancers, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs, each adding their unique flair to the celebration. And for the foodies out there, we have authentic international cuisine for you that will transport you around the world with every bite.

Some of the things included in the ticket price:
Live music and dance¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Art exhibitions showcasing the world’s diverse creativity¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Free Dance Workshops¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†African drumming¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Thai drumming¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Chinese Lion¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Bollywood dance¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Zumba classes¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Salsa classes¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Sports demonstrations from different parts of the world¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Street dance performances¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Games and activities for all ages¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Yoga¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Meditation¬† *¬† ¬†Art activities for children¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Live art performance¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Crafts for children and adults¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Creative colouring activities¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Fun language activities from different countries¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Bushcraft survival skills¬† ¬†*¬† ¬†Traditional clothing and costume try-ons¬† ¬†*¬† Poetry and stories in our international Spoken Word corner

Traditional attire competition

Dance performances from various cultural traditions

International craft market

Henna tattoos

Face painting

International food stalls with diverse cuisine

Buy Cultural clothing and accessories 

International art and home decor stalls

Fair trade and sustainable products
Souvenir shops
International craft and artisan market with international vendors

  • Well-behaved dogs are welcome as long as they are on a lead.

PLEASE NOTE: To enter and exit the festival grounds, you must keep your festival wristband on at all times. It’s like your key to the festival kingdom, so don’t lose it!

To ensure affordable ticket prices, we’re granting you weekend festival access at the cost of a single day ticket.
We encourage you to fully immerse yourself in a World of Love. Our festival is a full weekend of fun, discovery, and connection – there are no temporary visitors here. Embrace the experience, stay for the entire duration, forge connections, and actively participate in our world. You’re not just spectators; you’re part of something greater – a global village that’s dedicated to spreading love, laughter, and positivity to create something truly magical.