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Message from the Founder


Bea Sieradzka World of Love Festival

We live in challenging times and as the World of Love Festival, our aim is to make a real difference in people’s lives, spread positivity and happiness in our community, and increase the wellbeing of children and adults. Our event is helping the local residents see themselves in the arts and culture that surrounds them and by actively engaging the members of diverse communities, we are trying to build a bridge between them, help them understand one another better, and establish relationships regardless of their heritage or linguistic backgrounds. 

The World of Love Festival was set up as a Community Interest Company to benefit people by raising awareness, helping to make connections, including everyone, and celebrating our diverse communities.

It is my great pleasure to introduce our Sponsorship Prospectus 2023 and invite your Organisation to assist us in celebrating diversity of the world and increasing happiness.

As a supporter of the World of Love Festival, you can reach out directly to members of ethnic minority communities before, during, and after our event. Your brand can be featured across the social media channels of World of Love and on our large LED screen on the day of the event. Your investment will help to shape the future where people can understand one another better in our increasingly diverse world. 

Should you be interested in supporting our cause and connecting with people from diverse communities in Dorset and beyond, please kindly contact us in the nearest future. You will find all our contact details at the end of this presentation. Thank you.


       Yours sincerely,

       Bea Sieradzka

       Founder, World of Love Festival