How to raise bilingual kids: best tips and practical advice from a mum of multilingual children

Anna Hamilton is Polish who lives in Dorset, UK with her British husband and their four children who can fluently speak English, Polish, and Spanish. As part of the World of Love campaign, she shares her best tips and practical advice on how to raise bilingual and multilingual kids.

World of Love is a campaign to recognise the contributions made by the members of our culturally and linguistically diverse society and to introduce inspiring people from all paths of life from all over the world.

Everyone can be an inspiration: a community leader and a child who speaks two or more languages, an art creator who brings joy and hope to others and a company who sees diversity as a business opportunity. Regular people together with experts in medicine, business and sports personalities, artists alongside other professionals and experts will share their passion, knowledge, and skills to help us understand the different aspects of the diversity of the world.


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